The Many Perks of a Cup of Coffee

Daily coffee drinkers often attest to the necessity of that first cup of coffee to get the stay started off right. Those who work in office environments are especially appreciative of the effects of coffee on any given work day. The question to non-coffee drinkers is: Why? What is it about coffee that makes it such an important part of daily lives? Scientists have long been trying to answer this question. In one study, scientists discovered that there is a link between coffee and productivity at work.

Coffee isn’t just reported to help with productivity at work, though. There have been other studies that link coffee to improved mental health. Keep in mind that a “link” between coffee and something else doesn’t mean that coffee is the exact thing causing the positive effect, but if enough studies show a correlation, it’s a good indicator that coffee might have something to do with the positive effects seen among coffee drinkers.

It’s no wonder then that products like heated coffee mugs are becoming all the rage in offices in the United States. Just like there’s a strong correlation between coffee and productivity, there’s also a correlation between taste and temperature. The right cup of coffee is going to have to reach and then maintain a certain temperature in order to be pleasurable throughout the entire cup. Thanks to today’s electronic mugs, which focus on maintaining temperature, people can not only have the perfect cup of coffee at the beginning but right down to the last sip or gulp, depending on your style (see a knockout post).

There will be plenty more research over the years that help people understand more about the type of folks who love a good cup of coffee and those who shy away from it. There will always be disagreement. The effect temperature has on the right cup of coffee, though, is almost always in agreement. Save for those who love their iced coffee, hot coffee is only tasty if it’s hot. It’s the heat that gives it that fresh, soothing taste.

Digital mugs allow workers and non-workers alike to carry their coffee with them wherever they go and to never have to worry about it going cold on them during their travels. Temperature control mugs don’t just give people a great cup of coffee but they give them portability. This can be of enormous importance in the workplace. Productivity might even improve more if people are drinking the right temperature of coffee.

Temperature plays an important part in the taste of coffee. The most popular mug gives you the ability to adjust the temperature based on your tastes. It starts out at 130 and goes all the way up to 146, a very popular temperature for most coffee drinkers. Thanks to these temperature controlled mugs, you can have your coffee exactly the way you like it, and if past research is any indication, you’ll perhaps be a little brighter and sunnier in the office or at play.