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The Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of Excess Body Fat When you are interested about looking smart and attractive and you want to live such healthy life then you must make sure that you reduce your extra body fat. With this, you need to come up with a plan to get rid of the extra weight. This will really be very helpful in maintaining a great health and also in preventing those diseases. Also, it is a known fact that obesity is dangerous to your health and longevity. Well, you must get to know obesity better. The condition is called obesity when the body fat would exceed 25% of the body mass among men and 32% in women. Getting such excessive quantity of fat in the body can lead to various diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The surveys are actually saying that in the US, each year, three to four people die because of cancer or heart problem. When you are obese, you must have more energy to breathe and the heart will also require extra efforts to be able to pump blood to the lungs and to the large quantity of fat that is in your body. This can result to high blood pressure. The rising blood pressure can be a painful condition and such can lead to other problems too. The person with this type of disease will have a possibility of experiencing heart attack as well as kidney issues. About 25 percent of all heart diseases are caused by obesity. Also, you must know that obesity is one cause of high cholesterol in the body and this can cause other issues in the body as well.
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Because of obesity as well as improper functionality of the heart, the main parts of the body such as the kidneys, brain and others are not able to get the right supply of blood. You should be aware that obesity would cause the heart to pump harder and this can lead to high blood pressure.
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Medical research have really proven that the increased amount of fat in the body and cancer have a connection. Know that body fat is considered a home for carcinogens which are chemicals that cause cancer in the body. In the women, such would cause breast cancer and also uterine cancer. In men, obesity can cause colon and prostate cancer.Because of such things, you have to make sure that you ensure that you get rid of excess body fat. It is essential that you eat the right food everyday sot hat you won’t add more to the amount of body fat that you have and for you to be able to avoid issues later on. Also, it is quite important that you live an active life and that you also spend some time exercising so that you can burn some fat.