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The Ultimate Guide to Use When Touring Peru and Cusco

When it comes to adventure travel destinations, Peru has always been up there as a leading country. This country has various treks such as Machu picchu trail. With just one trip to the country one can do so much trekking.

The trails in this country cannot just be exhausted, there are just too many of them. There are a variety of things that can be done on short notice for those people who hate advanced bookings.

Water Rafting Activities
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There are a number of areas where it’s possible to do white water rafting in Peru. One of this major area is Cusco. Urubamba river is one of the popular places in Cusco where one can go for white water rafting. If one is more experienced in this activity, Apurimac River is another destination that one can go to if they are three or more days.
It’s also possible to raft in the Tambopata jungle which will include the opportunity to view a variety of wildlife including capybaras, giant otters, jaguars, tapirs and a multitude of birds. One may considering themselves to be more serious rafters and this may be offered by Cotahuasi canyon.
There are multi activity of tours leaving out of Cusco for those who want more action and adventure.
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Peru offers varied climates and gorgeous landscapes. The question is how to choose them. If trekking just doesn’t move fast enough for you, there’s always mountain biking with lots of chances for hair raising downhill runs.

If you just want a taste of it, there are half day and single day tours around Cusco and the Sacred Valley. For those with more time, they could go for an excursion at Larse hot springs and rest there before moving on.

Visiting the Cordillera and Huaraz

Located in the North west of Peru is Huaraz that is considered the starting point for all adventures at Cordillera Blanca.

This place is as fantastic for mountain biking as well as hiking. Biking at this point can be very strenuous and therefore only the experienced are advised to take this activity. other activities possible in this area include snowboarding, skiing and rafting. To learn more about the ancient pre-Inca civilizations one should find time to visit the Chavin:n de Huantar area.

It is almost obvious that whenever people think of South America, they think of Peru and when they think of it, Machu Picchu comes to kind too. despite this being one of the best tourist destinations in the world, one should also consider tourist destinations available in their countries.