How Security Dispatch Software Works

Dispatch systems have been incorporated in the security for a more fulfilling client experience as well as the wholesome effective response to the customers’ complaints. The security dispatch software aids in streamlining the process of assigning security officers to clients in need of the service. This software supports the dispatcher to coordinate worker availability, their skill, their travel time as well as their expected response time. Since it fastens the entire process of dispatching the security officers, the security dispatch software, in turn, is paramount in ensuring a continued and streamlined service providing process.

The security dispatch process involves the interaction among the clients, the telephone operators, dispatcher and the officers in the field. The client upon contacting the security company with their complaint has the phone operator collecting the details of the incident at hand in detail assessing the priority of the client’s situation as well. The telephone operator in a Computer-assisted dispatch is then able to input the information received from a computer, and this is then communicated to the officers’ vehicles via the mobile data terminal. Alternatively, the telephone operator gives the information to a dispatcher who in turn communicates with individual officers via a two-way radio.

The choice of the officer to be contacted is dependent on their geographical location in relation to the site of the incident occurrence. The closer the officer to the location of interest, the more positively they will be assigned to the location. This information is available to the dispatcher via the security dispatch software and therefore the process of contacting of a specific officer to attend to a client is much faster and directly oriented. Depending on the nature of the incident, the officer may be dispatched alone or in a team of two or more.

The use of security dispatch software enables encompassing all aspects of the dispatch process under one roof, allowing time-saving in making the communication to the officers in the field. This, in turn, permits the receipt of a large number of calls as well as client requests with minimal staff, thereby saving up the company’s employment costs. In addition to this, the software also enables easier progress tracking of the incidents from the point of receiving the call up till the arrival of the assigned officers and the report handed in after resolution of the incident. This can gauge the efficiency of the company’s services and individual employees creating a point of reference in need for improvements of the systems employed.

The baseline of achieving success in offering security services via use of security dispatch software is to ensure constant customer satisfaction at all times. This is accomplished by providing quick alarm response by having adequate officers in the field to be available to respond. Constant communication with the guards in real-time also helps in understanding their challenges and addressing these provide a conducive work environment for greater efficiency. Time is money, and security dispatch software aims at saving up as much time as possible ensuring constant growth of the business.