A perfect human beings and basically have gave intellect and appetite. Human appointed to be a caliph in the earth and were given the freedom to exploit and use the facilities on the planet and of course should be appropriate levels and should not be excessive.

In this globalization era, humans have created a lot of big changes, they managed to create technology tools that can be useful and make it easier to communicate and find information, so in this modern age of technology can be considered as one part of the body of the man himself which, if eliminated it would seem less than perfect.

Moreover, communication tools such as mobile phones, tablets, etc., have become a staple tool for the owner, in addition to facilitate remote communication can also be used for news or any information we want like a projector ceiling mount manufacturers
The development of technology has indeed brought great changes in the world or in every nation, in the field of good government developed countries or developing countries both are equally in need of technology as the provision and transfer of information from government to other parties, for example: between citizens or residents using E -Goverment. While the health of the scientists are creating a lot of sophisticated technology tools that are useful to help the healing process of patients. And many more discoveries Technlogy that exist in this world.
However, we also need to behave wisely in the face of current technological development is very rapid, because if we are wise, it will bring positive things for us, but if we can’t utilize properly then it is our will to be enslaved and deceived by technology itself, which certainly have a negative impact.

Beside that with increasingly sophisticated technologies, people have managed to use it for various purposes, such as online business. So that they are able to read the opportunities that exist can be easily and freely earning only by means of these technologies, but there are also human beings who are not responsible to use it to create an online business that harm many people fraudulently. It required prudence in dealing with the development of this technology.

Today, the man makes the technology into their lifestyles, even some people think “CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT GADGET” resulting everywhere are gadgets should always accompany him, even people whose social status high not want to be considered outdated so if there are models of gadgets new and more jamming their HITS directly compete and hunt to buy again and leave the old, with that was the way it makes them feel “Human Modern”.