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The Advantages Of Using Pharmacy Automation Even the slightest error in the medical industry can result into dire consequences. This is the reason why pharmacies from all over the globe follow strict and meticulous safety standards. Although this is true, some accidents and human errors are just inevitable. There are several number of cases wherein errors in counting and dispensing pills resulted into serious problems. It was only a few years ago when the news on a patient broke out, the news stated that the patient died because he was given the wrong dosage of medicine. Another news regarding an error on pill dispensing was released on 2012, a doctor claimed that his patient was given a higher dosage of his medication which resulted into different side effects that made his illness even worse.
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These unfortunate news are proof that pharmacies and medical practitioners should strive for perfection. Luckily, we are now in the digital age. We can use the technology we have today in order to avoid these types of errors. This is why it is advisable that every pharmacy from all over the world should utilize the Automatic Dispensing Technology (ADS).
Lessons Learned from Years with Automation
Most people know the Automatic Dispensing Technology (ADS) as the pharmacy robot. This type of technology is definitely a wise investment because it will guarantee the safety of patients. According to a study done in North Carolina, one of the most common errors in the pharmaceutical business is giving the patients the wrong kind of drug. As surprising as it may be, this accounts for more than 50% of all the documented errors. If we choose to utilize the ADS system, there will no longer be any doubts in our mind that every medication goes to the right patient and at the proper dosage. Since the machine has separate cells and chutes, it is safe to say that no cross-contamination will ever occur. The ADS system takes safety to a whole new level. This is because it has the ability to store images of all the different types of medicines. This amazing machine will make the jobs of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians a cake walk. The only task left for them to do is to double check if the right amount and type of pills are properly placed on the right bottle before it goes out the door. Now that we already have the technology and the advances in the medical industry have already been made, it is now time to guarantee the safety and health of our patients. When we invest on the Automatic Dispensing Technology (ADS), we can be sure that all of the stories cited above will never happen again.