Bond with Your Daughter While Growing Her Interest in Technology




The world needs more women in key technology roles. Encouraging interest in science among girls can help to meet that need. Use the ideas presented here to spark and grow your daughter’s scientific curiosity.

Attend a Con Together

Fan conventions have flourished since the start of the 21st century, and that fact should enable you to find one in your region. A good con will help your curious child imagine the adult she can become. Look for a con that mixes science demonstrations with its celebration of fictional characters. After a full day of exhibits and activities, you can talk over a grilled cheese about which element of the con thrilled your daughter the most.

Experience a Science Museum

By taking your daughter to a science museum, you can achieve similar outcomes as those you might at a fan convention. Like cons, science museums vary. If you have access to a children’s science museum in a metropolitan area, you can help your daughter connect with science through an array of interactive displays.

Compare Old and New Technologies

Via a museum or with online media’s help, you can show your daughter how technologies evolve. Reveal the origins of modern photography. Help her see that smartphones and tablets accomplish a list of things that used to each require an individual machine.

Show Her the Size of Old Computers

Your future scientist might delight at a comparison between a smartphone and early digital computers. Explain to her that today’s handheld devices have more computing power than supercomputers from decades ago that filled large rooms. Help her envision the possible computing speed and size of tech devices that will exist 50 years from now.

Build a Radio with Her

Additionally, you and your daughter could build a radio together. While you could use a store-bought kit, building your own design might be a memorable bonding experience. To aid in your do-it-yourself radio project, seek versatile communications hardware from makers like Werlatone.

As your daughter grows into adulthood, she could pursue an education that makes her an in-demand prospect in a tech field. Employ the above ideas to start her lifelong technological journey today.