3 Innovative Products that have Been Reinvented

Most of the time, technology breakthroughs are noted when they are a completely new product. However, the majority of essential advancements come from current products that have been updated. Here’s a look at three prime examples which have added new levels to their fields.


Trtl Travel Pillow

Most people would associate a travelling pillow with what would just look like a miniature pillow that doesn’t offer much value to someone trying to rest in an upright position. Trtl’s innovative design is a travel neck pillow that provides full support for both a comfortable sleep but also removes can soreness that can normally occur from sleeping upright. The design also has the novelty of saving much more space in luggage while not in use.

The brand itself has been tried and tested, and is scientifically proven to be much better than competitors. Which makes this travel pillow worth an extra investment compared to the rest.


Freezing Microwaves

The end of this year could prove to be very interesting for the microwave industry, with a new product being released that can also freeze. It might not exactly be a significant advancement if you have to buy one separately to your regular microwave, but it looks like the freezing concept will be an added on to the standard heating function. Being able to instantly freeze water rather than wait hours for ice cubes and freezing food quick which keeps more of the nutrients in. It’s not a tech that has given too much away yet, but if it’s going to be a new feature on microwaves, it will be welcomed by most.



A platform that has been on the rise for years, making the use of taxi’s much more accessible. The app has the ability to split fair, share your whereabouts and identify precisely where you taxi is located. These novel features have been copied by the majority of local competitors and an entirely new system for requesting a taxis has been created. Phoning a cab firm isn’t completely outdated dated yet, but it is already in decline, and a lot of drivers are moving their services over to uber and similar apps.

Hundreds of ideas receive significant updates to make people almost forget about the past. But these three has completed exceeded the expectation and lead/ will lead their sector in the future.